[Guide] Make 50$-300$ easily on Auto-Pilot without any Hard work.
by slayerr008 - 08-02-2017, 07:09 AM
[Guide] Make 50$-300$ easily on Auto-Pilot without any Hard work. This is i smart method to easily make form 50$ to 300$ Daily on Auto-Pilot with barely any work or effort. I recommend this method especially to Newbies who are looking for a smart way to make BIG bucks Online. No investment is needed and you will make money your first day by using this method. Just let your income look for you Smile Introduction: Hello and welcome to my money making tutorial. First of all i would like to thank you for reading my guide. I am looking forward to see your earnings. I have divided this guide into a couple of simple steps and some bonus traffic methods. I have also included screenshots to help you with following the guide. Please follow these steps. Do not be lazy to do them later, do them right after you read this guide! You will be making your first money very soon, and after some time you will be getting 50$ per day even on autopilot! I am currently using this method and i make around 70$ per day on autopilot, but i am working to get more traffic and more money each day. Let's Start: The website we will be using for generating leads and thus our money is called Crakrevenue. You can sign up here: http://www.crakrevenue.com/ . On this website you get very good offers for adult traffic. That's right , we will be generating adult traffic. When you register they will review your application and then email you if you have been accepted or not. You have to explain why you want to work with them etc. Just write some honest stuff here, for example: "I currently do not have a website, but i am using social media and ads purchasing to promote the campaigns you are offering. I have heard about you on a forum and i read some positive reviews about your company. I am looking forward to business with you. Thank you for reading my application. Best Regards, your name here" It usually takes about a day for them to review your application and email you the verification answer. The payment methods available on the site are cheque, wire, paxum and payoneer. Choosing Correct Offer: Now that you have registered lets have a look at their web offers. You will find a lot of offers, ranging from 1$ up to 100$ or even more. But we will be focusing on free sign-up webcam offers. They are paying 2.5$ for each customer that signs up to the website (from specific countries)
those autopilot thing are lookin sketchy af lmao :DD
where is the traffic method, common this very uncomplete.
(02-03-2019, 07:02 PM)norfticks Wrote: where is the traffic method, common this very uncomplete.

he is buying traffic and possible posting links to fb, twitter, etc with the help of a bot.

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