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I don't think anyone here knows who I am, but I am here to laugh and have a good time. I enjoy pizza and Charlotte McKinney, good day.
[Image: YFR1qlk.png]
Welcome @Smerexy To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

welcome, follow the rules, dont be a Rftechpony and you will have fun. good luck.
Welcome @Smerexy I hope you enjoy our community! We have lots of useful tools and people that will help you begin your raiding journey, The shout box in the main index will be were you find your raids for the foreseeable future, or until you join a team! I've made a Small guide on how to not be a new fag Here! read this, it should help you take your first steps in the raiding community, Also, Feel free to lurk around the forums and get some tools for raiding, we have a good programs section with a LOT of trolling programs, Also, Chat in the shoutbox, its not toxic or cancerous at all!

--Lagboy, Future owner of raidforums Kappa

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