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Grand Opening of Masjid al-Mudahamah (Mosque of Raiding)
Greetings, dear brothers and sisters of RaidForums!

Starting on Friday, Masjid al-Mudahamah (Mosque of Raiding) will be opened!

Services will be held generally on Shoutbox on Friday.

Peace be upon RaidForums and its inhabitants.
Praises are due to all the GODs.
What exactly is the Masjid al-Mudahamah?
And what will we do in the SB with this 'event'?
I'm allergic to suicide bombs guys, I'm gonna have to sit this one out.
Do we pray to Predator as our Allah?
Sorry for the delay, I was at school. There is no mosque opening but RaidForums is our place of worship, Raiding is our religion, we worship all the GODs, and we shall give our allegiance to our leaders (Vanissary, Predator, etc.).
Raidforums religion? sounds neato

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