Google is going to introduce an ad blocker for Chrome
by ziqolu - July 06, 2017 at 11:43 AM
Who will use this? There are so many ad blocker extensions out there that block EVERY ad..
Furthermore, Chrome is becoming shit (asking too much RAM, slow..)
I don't really understand this, Google has every incentive for ads to continue existing, it's basically their core business even today. I'd wager this is going to be a pretty subpar ad blocker as a result...
quite ironic since google is an advertiser itself. appearantly they want to shut down their competitors.
i just hope that i can continue wacthing my animeĀ  Angel Smile
There was some tech last year that did something along these lines which it would actually use AI to detect ads on the page (basically it did not need to track ads by links or properties), it would know that an element on the page was an ad based on some algorithm and things it would check with the plugin's AI code and remove it from the page if it was found to be an ad. It was sick.

EDIT: Here it is
Interesting to know this, however lets see if people will like it.
But I already have uBlock Origin.
quite skeptical abt how this is going to work since it is done selectively. will they just censor ads that are not in their favor... Rolleyes
Like the article in the OP says,,, it only blocks ads which don't meet Google's cirteria,,, which means all of Google's ads will be shown and some ads from other networks
hmm.......its like they will only show ads from adsense
hope they do i fucking hate website ads
Wow. This will be so tough for business that rely on ads monetization... need to find new models for these stuff.

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