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Google adwords
I was brainstorming the ways to help and advertise the website

Google Adwords would be a perfect way to advertise the website for it to grow 

This would be a good way to get the word out google. it looks like this im sure you have saw it before on google 

[Image: howtouse1.png]

In my opinion this would be huge for people who is looking up the word "Raid" on google and the money being payed for this ad would be worth it.

I would like to know more about these hot tubs.

Also, google might just bring a flood of people who know absolutely nothing of what this site is about, since it's a google advertisement. I mean, it might bring some new faces and talent to the site, but there's also risks of white knights and black hat activities.
But what if a bunch of retarded 9 year olds googled raids looking for teh clas 0f clanz raids and joined and were AIDS?
We might get fucking Normiefags to this site. Also, people will post bait streams like brittniventi. Fuck that.
I don't think this would work very well, mainly because of google's stance on raiding on youtube but maybe they'll change their opinion with money being waved in their face.
idk I think that specific website advertisement would be more lucrative because it will allow us to pick apart a target audience for the website rather than getting random skids joining for "EDGY RAIDSSSS"
or you could send me a fix payment of 50$USD where i could reach 400k people in a day
thats 12.5cents/1000 views. google advertising is 1$/1000 views

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