Google Drive vs Dropbox Which One is The Best?
Hello, Everyone! How many of you are using Google Drive or Dropbox? Which is the better option and Why? I am Using Google Drive because it provides free 15gb. So in Google Drive Vs. Dropbox. Google Drive is the more best option.
Personally using Google Drive mostly because I'm a Google fan boy. Also, Google provides more storage (Not sure about now tho, made that decision when dropbox only gave 2GB).
It is just more convenient to use Google Drive since it is linked with all Google products
I've never used Dropbox, I've always used Google Drive
Dropbox because fuck everything google.
Dropbox. I try to keep my personal data off Google; plus Dropbox just works better.
google drive is better
afaik, they both have serve different end, but if you have Google account, Dropbox more towards sync, Google drive more towards personal storage, Dropbox default space is a lot lesser too
you should use google drive cause its all connected ya know
I use google drive just because it came with my Gmail account. Convenient compared to DropBox, plus comes with built in word editing, spreadsheet etc. software.
I would say GDrive.... I thinks it is more lighter and seems that you can use it on as many devices as you like
Google has a lot more storage, better web interface, better integration with android. Beats dropbox in just about every way Smile

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