by Stressed - January 28, 2016 at 06:00 PM
I've seen the raiding community grow and grow since and turn into a beautiful meme blossum.

I've meet a lot of people on the forum who I feel have really taught me a lot; @12392, @Cridet

I've meet a lot of goofs and gaffs.

I've had a lot of goofs and gaffs.

I've had fun.

Goodnight sweet Prince Heart
Cya, perl.

Good luck with life.

Hope to see you back sometime.
Rest in peace, my subject
Cya :(

Welp another HQ member gone...
hm. I'll miss you.

You were a good user.

See you around :/
Take a second to press EFF to raidforums active users.
RIP, you were a great guy and active user. I'm the IRC didn't work out as much as you wanted, but have a good time wherever you're going Smile
goodbye my friend hope u get happy in life if not just come back Kappa Heart
bye kys

jk no jk kys
I fucking hate when people make "leaving threads."
I mean, if you're gonna leave, just do it. People should be banned for posting "leaving threads."

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