Good Laptops for Kali
by EthanBowman - September 15, 2021 at 08:15 PM
I used to have a nice HP that I used to use Kali on, it had an integrated Atheros chip and everything for packet sniffing, mitm and other more basic wireless attacks. Since then, the computer hardware has gone as dead as a door nail (as a cheap HP does). Does anyone have any suggestion for cheap laptops that y'all run Kali well on?
I don't perform wireless attacks that often, and honestly when I do it is just for fun any ways. So the monitor mode compatible WiFi card really isn't that much of a priority.

My goal here is really just to find a good (yet budget) laptop that I could install Kali on fully. I used to have LUKS full disk encryption and I absolutely loved it, which has made running a live USB absolutely suck since. Ideally the only specs I am really hellbent on is just that it have a large hard drive, and it runs Kali smoothly without much overhead while programs are open. Bruteforcing and cracking aren't as much my cup of tea so anything more than just lag free basic application processing is fine with me.

Anyone have any ideas on laptops that might be good for it? I've been browsing around a lot and have even been thinking about a newer but cheap thinkpad since I've heard they run Kali decent after wipe, but I feel like there's so many options out there still that I have no clue what I wanna get.

Any suggestions?
macbook pro 2015

working good with my kali.
(September 15, 2021 at 10:44 PM)stucksn3t Wrote: macbook pro 2015

working good with my kali.

Hell, you can put an SSD in a Macbook 2012 and it runs like shit off a shovel
Anything that has i5 and 4+ Gigs of RAM. Just get an old laptop off the market and use it. Throw in a SSD and HDD with the money you save

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