Ghosty APK - Instagram 'Stalker' App
by nmapthis - November 20, 2019 at 09:44 PM
App/Apk Name: Ghosty (ghosty.apk)
Version: 1.4.5
Size: 3.3MB

This creepy app was recently in the news big time and dropped off the Google play store after Facebook/Instagram legal team threatened the developer:

I've been able to get hold of the APK of the latest version before it disappeared

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Well if its down, then my guess is that the server must be down as well and the API keys must have been revoked. Isn't that the case? is there anything valueble in the apk?
Last time I checked it was working fine. I don't think they used the traditional method in the code and could have quite easily have changed the API keys and used a brand new app to keep it going.
Thank you for share Smile
ok, I won't argue about the API thing as I don't know how they handle it and I can't be bothered enough to go find out. It just seems to me that if the API keys are revoked, all users need to allow permissions again.
it doesn't work, same thing for the apk mods
Until they get new API keys
Btw the app is out there if anyone cares to look for it.
the app is doesnt work ....... thanks for the share
Hmmm idk if this is still alive

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