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Get this hell site shut down.

Never in my life have I come across such a vile discord server:
This place absolutely needs to burn. It's filled with pedophiles, zoophiles, and just... creeps. You have a channel with adults sharing dick pics with minors, and vice versa. We have people sharing actual animal genitalia, and publicly admitting that they would have sex with an animal. We have people spamming inboxes with hundreds of messages asking to date/have sex with them. The server gives NSFW to everyone, even minors. If hell was a discord server, this would be it.

The server has barely any security. To get in, simply go to the welcome channel, say you got the invite through a "partnered server", answer his questions, and bam. This place needs to be shut down so predators cannot lurk or exploit. Please shut this hell down- give it your worst.


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