Get people banned from forums or imageboards
by IKekdNineEleven - May 13, 2015 at 08:58 PM
I figured out how to get a person you don’t like on a place banned.

1.Make some troll post in the forums
2.Say something about that you’re ban evasion
3.Wait for ban
4.Message administrator something like “Go ban my old alt (account you want banned here)”
5.Send like 5 more messages on “DO YOUR JOB AND BAN ME ALREADY, (insult here)”
6.Make sure it's an old account

1.Make/find a botnet for yourself
2.Get an IP stealer thingamajig
3.Put your enemy's IP into the botnet
4.Act just like somebody who already got banned ( if 4chan, )
5.Permaban for ban evasion.
hi ban me pls my old alt is IKekdNineEleven
(May 13, 2015 at 09:00 PM)akkaz Wrote: hi ban me pls my old alt is IKekdNineEleven

You have to be banned already though, and you have to PM the moderators about it.
This was made for E621 bans, but may work on hackforums or raidforums.
Good simple tut. Thanks for the share.
Now I can clean up the cancer.
thx op
This is like what you could do to stop techpony11. Make an account like "techpony15" then say shit. Nice tut Kappa

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