Georgian Citizenship Database - Leaked, Download!
by TheHarleyQueen - March 31, 2020 at 01:29 PM
Hello RaidForums Community,
Today I have uploaded the Georgian Citizenship Database for you to download for free, thanks for reading and enjoy!

This is a Citizenship database of the Georgian Country, at the moment there is very little information about how or when this data originated but we can tell you that there were 4.9 million citizens affected by this breach.

Compromised data: ID Numbers, First Names, Surnames, Dates of Birth, Physical Addresses, Phone Addresses

This download consists of 1 CSV file, please note that there are NO PASSWORDS in this breach. The .7z File's MD5 Hash is 97DC42B9B2DC323140C7A919E7F122C2. Total record count of 4934860.
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Note: You can access their pictures too by referencing id numbers+surnames on the official site for voter registration:
Babe girl you are so great thank you
My pleasure☺️
sweetheart, how do i open the file? it encoded. when i opened it the character there it like symbols like @#)*#&#@! something like that
Thnank you! I need this!
Does it HV emails phones???
I also need mobile numbers. Not at this base
когда будет рабочая ссылка?
Wait, can anyone check that download link really works?
(March 31, 2020 at 01:29 PM)TheHarleyQueen Wrote: The link in my previous thread is broken, but I can neither replace it or delete, so here's a working one, if you opened previous one after it was no longer working, pm me and i will send you this in pm ( i can see who unlocked it)
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4 000 000+records of all Georgian (country) citizens, including physical addresses, personal id-s, id numbers, names, surnames, dates of  birth etc

You can access their pictures too by referencing id numbers+surnames on the official site for voter registration:
okay database working but what is his version maybe it's 2010
Hello, please help me
sent me download link
Hey, the link is broken, can you please reupload it?
Thanks for advice.

(March 31, 2020 at 03:28 PM)toprakbilen90 Wrote: shared it for free.
On that topic
I will convey the correct subject to you. If you have permission ... This is not a leak. I found the same data 2 years ago on a known sharing site. It is a garbage dump belonging to 2010 with 4.7 million records. it is not new. And it is a public database.  Not leaking

you can also see it in the pictures.

Dodgy Biggrin Dodgy Biggrin

Those who want free can download from the link.

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