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Or when someone says they are pansexual, polysexual and whatever other terms these retards come up with. You are either straight, gay or bi, end of story.
This is a really simple concept, but everyone seems to be struck by dumbfuckery whenever the topic is brought up.

Emma Watson's gender is female. Her biological sex is not publically known, because no DNA test results have been released.
Consider for a moment that she actually was born a boy and is biologically male.
If gender and biological sex are the same, that means every guy jerking it to her would be automatically, absolutely 100% homosexual by definition.
However, this is false, because nobody is looking at her saying "those XX chromosomes are so fucking hot", they are jerking it to her pouty lips and tits and shit.
These are called gender characteristics.
It is the same thing that makes people jerk it to Jessica Rabbit, who clearly has no actual biological sex because she is a cartoon.

Gender characteristics are basically arbitrary.
They change a lot between cultures and over time.
Unlike biological sex, which can be measured, there is no scientific way of measuring someone's gender (is a skinny nerd with a big dick more of a man than a ripped dude with a shrimpy chode? Science does not have the answer).
This makes gender a social construct, which is about as empirically relevant as believing in the tooth fairy.
The male/female gender dichotomy is pretty much just tradition, like wearing black at funerals or giving presents on your birthday or other dumb society shit.
If people want to make up their own genders, why the fuck not?
At the same time, if you do make up your own gender, it's stupid to expect other people to give a shit.

TL;DR biological sex != gender, gender is just a tradition
Choose you gender an be happy Wink
Are you assuming my gender? I'm not a girl or a boy. I'm Autigender  and this post really triggers me. Look at all of the genders on this website!
You are a disgrace to the human community. I feel socially oppressed and would like this post to be removed from this website immediately.

Also, hi Pred ^_^
There are only two biological sexes, but "gender" can be anywhere in the spectrum (effeminate males, tomboys, etc.)
There are male, female and mental illnesses.
There are no genders
There is only one gender , wemen are inanimate objects
bullshit man. There are only 2 genders: XX and XY. Your genes does not care about your feelings. How do you see yourself as a person is up to you. Use you right to freedom and the property over your own body as you like. Dress like a man or woman. Engage anybody you want, you have the right to live as you want, but none of these things will change you gender, I mean, your acts or choices will have no impact in your biological reality, even if you don't like it you can't ignore it.
If you were born as a boy, and act like a girl, consider yourself a girl, want others to threat you like a girl, you are still a boy in the eyes of science.
You should see this show called "Shameless". I think that's the name. There's a whole part about genders and there's like 5 or something. It's insanely stupid.

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