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there's apparently a difference between gender and sex

there are only two sexes, male and female, this is biological, but there are a wide options of genders, because that's what you supposedly identify as.

nevertheless, if you are a man and don't identify as a man, then you're obviously funny in the head. i don't know why those people aren't considered mentally ill.
My personal opinion is this: chill the f*** out.

If people want to call themselves bigender or whatever the fuck, let them. I can call myself a dinosaur, leave me alone.

Really, why is this a debate?
since when was gender and sex separated kek
deepak chopra is a retard for his pseudo-science, why should this be any different though?
Definitely only 3 genders out there.
When you look at the chromosonel makeup of the human body, I think its easy to see that there can be more than a few genders BUT it depends on how you view gender and what constitutes any different or same gender
There is supposed to be a difference between gender and sex, sex is what you are physically and gender mentally. So basically you can just make up genders as you go cause you aren't really bound by anything
This is just retarded, imo gender and sex have no difference.
Kids these days identify as fidget spinners
We have only 2, no more malakas.
There's two genders. A shemale is a dude, period.
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If I had a dollar for each gender, I would have two dollars.
I identify as an apache helicopter.

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