Gaming PC build guide 2019
by white_devil - November 15, 2019 at 07:47 PM
PCs are good but only for esports, not for everyday gaming.
Time for AMD to rise once more so
I cannot believe how much Intel shat the bed with their new lineup
That like saying give me a guide to live
Your needs better than any PC ever created.
You back from work to home, put disk into console and play.
That what makes console above PC in terms of gaming
I once was a PC gamer then I bought a PS4
(December 10, 2019 at 11:49 AM)pauljorgensen Wrote:
(December 09, 2019 at 04:10 PM)behroon Wrote:
(December 09, 2019 at 08:09 AM)pauljorgensen Wrote:
(December 06, 2019 at 05:54 PM)behroon Wrote:
(November 27, 2019 at 08:49 AM)pauljorgensen Wrote: I know that that you asked about PC gaming build be maybe someone didn't tell you that:
There is no better choice for gaming than console.
Unless you are playing only strategies or you are hardcore e-sport player the PS4/X1 will fit your needs better than any PC ever created.
For confirmation of my words just look up game library for PS4. Once you hit with it you will forget about PC very fast.
you're joking, right? please tell me you're joking. I laughed at first but now I'm starting to think you're serious.

Not at all. Consoles are the best choice for gaming. Period. They are created for it. You can change my mind but you won't find (besides maybe graphics) any argument that will point to PC as a best platform to gaming.
you do realize that you need a computer to make these games right. That the operating system for game consoles are made off a computer. Xbox basically uses a modified/stripped down version of Windows 10. Multiplayer is better because there is no need for PSN or XBL and if you already pay for internet then you got your online service as well. Not to mention lots of game sales and console sales are unlike pc sales. Consoles can't be upgraded in any significant way in regards of quality to life except for an upgraded storage solution. Like you said graphics are better depending on your hardware as consoles use modified pc hardware. Basically if you think about it consoles are stripped down pcs that you need to buy in "x" amount of time.

I get your point in terms of architecture but for gaming it doesn't matter how game was created or how console is build in the background. Monthly payment for PSN or XBL is not just for playing online (in games like Fortnite or other F2P you dont need it) but you gain new "free" games every month. Games are more expensive that is a fact, but your last argument is very funny, even hilarious. You definietly must pay more money for upgrades of your PC than for new console generation (6-7 years?). If you wont buy new graphic card every 2-3 year you are not going to see this better graphics. PCs are good but only for esports, not for everyday gaming.
Have to agree with you here hahaha
Do you still need a build. What did you go with lol. Nobody follows up nowadays
i got xeon e5 pc and another one with ryzen7, and sorry bois team blue wins Smile)))
I personally always try to stick to Intel builds even if it's a gaming rig. With AMD cpu's I have had some strange Windows issues but it happened before the new Ryzen series so who knows, maybe now it really has 100% compatibility.

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