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Game of the Year 2015?
In my opinion MGSV:TPP deserves it.
I got gears of war 3 that became my fav.
Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015

this is unquestionably the best dad showering simulator on the market

When I was younger, my fondest memories were of the times I spent with my father playing around in the shower cubicles whilst he and his friends would wash the daily grime from thier bodies. I would skid around in the soapy pools of water and playfully reach out with my extendable Dalsim arm and grab them as they showered. They would giggle and gently say "not yet son, pleanty of time for that later"

I miss my shower time with my Father and his black and ginger friend!!! *sniff* except when I woke up and my bum hurt

So thank you Shower Simulator! Thank you from the bottom of my aching bottom for allowing me to revisit long lost times of yore. Because unfortunately, I am unable to shower with my Dad any more :-(
To be honest, GTA:V before all the nazi shit. close runners up would have to be The witcher 3 and rocket leauge.
The Witcher 3
The Witcher 3 100%
Fallout 4 or star wars battlefront when it comes out Smile
Witcher 3 or MGSV.
MGSV would be the best game for me.
Sad Satan Keepo
For me the best game right now is: "Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom pain". I think it deserves to be called "the best game of 2015". Great graphics and a really well designed game overall.
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Half-Life 2. Gabe Newell is my God.

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