Game Naruto
by s1st3m_8 - February 22, 2021 at 04:21 PM
anime games always floped name one good anime game there is non
Yeah it is a tough transition from a pre set story to something interactive and open ended
I am new to this Naruto game too. But I will try to check it out.

However, why not on PS4 or PS5 ?
naruto is a dead game u should try gmod
(February 22, 2021 at 04:21 PM)s1st3m_8 Wrote: [Re-post] 

Good afternoon guys, can you give me recommendations for naruto games? Preferably on PS2. I recently bought the Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, but I didn't think it was cool
why always ps naruto games launches when pc?
There's a really good Naruto game for Xbox 360, not a fan of the series, but the games alright :D
Uzumaki Chronicles was fun at the time but even graphics aside, I have to wonder if it would still be good playing as an adult now.
This is a very good game, I have had time to play it '' Game Naruto ''
ATLA stands for Avatar The Last Airbender. Maybe OP should have clarified Biggrin
Yeah, Naruto games are really cool, I had one which was a mix between beat em up and rpg
What is this, could someone please explain it to me ?

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