by Zavi - September 16, 2021 at 11:32 AM
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Maybe I will share a little experience about my own stupidity being deceived because of following the GCP Card advertisement. I thought this discount was actually just the theft of my personal data, such as full name, cellphone number, complete address.

The initial story begins, I played tiktok and found a user on behalf of the GCP Card, and the likes of the post reached 10k and comments 0, I really thought that this was a scam, there was only 1 trick that made us cheat. Then I pressed the link and registered it and it was more or less like a screenshot of the results of the registration web address, he asked us to fill out the form, such as name, cellphone number, complete address. And I was a fool to fill in my real data and I didn't think it was actually sent to my house without a confirmation notification and at first I refused to the courier sending the package to cancel but I can't bear to do that because I feel the courier if I cancel it instead the courier lost IDR 55k so So, I inevitably have to pay for it...

And I'm an Indonesian, probably around IDR 55K or $5. I think this price is the most expensive because I'm limited in the downturn of the Covid 19 Pandemic in Indonesia. And I've searched about the information on this GCP Card, it turns out to be a Fraud and the Comments on the Playstore are just a Bot from the SMM Panel Purchase, 5 Star Branch Service For an application on the playstore, especially since this GCP Card spreads user data to the Dark Web like the one you are holding and I'm really sorry if there are users blaming someone's data such as name, cellphone number, and address like in BPJS data. Due to the fact that there is no confirmation from the GCP Card, aka just play Send and the shipping costs are paid on the spot.

Not only that, I suspect the GCP Card application licensing on the Playstore as well and many people have discussed this GCP Card fraud.

And I hope the Kominfo, OJK and the Honorable Cyber Police to immediately block and arrest the GCP Card perpetrators who are still in Indonesia, and I may be the representative of the fraud problem that I am experiencing.

Maybe this is a little story that I experienced or maybe my friends also cheated on this GCP Card or know more about the Fraud system that has been carried out by the GCP Card, please discuss together and and sorry for the misspelling of the word because there is a slight error in translating the language

Source GCP IS SCAMMERSpoiler

That is all and thank you
(September 16, 2021 at 11:39 AM)Sosolapute Wrote: Please Learn English, even master data speaks better English than you.

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jesus fucking christ lol
Thank you for sharing, let me know more

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