Frost’s feces blog 4/23/2021
by frost - April 24, 2021 at 02:21 AM
It’s 9:05 my bathroom is dark and the shit feels like it’s going to come out soon. My toilet seat is slightly adjusted to the left since it’s loose on the right. I’m squatted on my toilet and my stomach is gurgling.

9:06 the poop is trying to come out in waves, there’s a lot of noises and feelings coming from my bowels. I also just had a small fart.

9:07 pushing the shit slowly
Farting a small amount while poop is about to come out
Door is opening outside of bathroom, cutting off turd until they fuck off

9:08 it’s really pushing now, letting go of control
My poop feels like bubble gum, it came out in a big rush. There’s still some that’ll take encouragement to come out.

9:09 the poop wasn’t entirely solid, and there’s some loose poop coming out. I’m pushing heavily in waves as I breath in and hold my breath to pass it.

9:10 my stomach is gurgling and I’m having some troubles pushing the messy poop out, I’m feeling the end. I am definitely having dingleberries after this one.

9:11 as I slowly put more pressure on my bowels and very slowly contract my asshole, small amounts of poop fall into the toilet.

9:12 I have now contracted my asshole while hearing some very liquidy sounding farts and a bit of wet shit come out.

9:13 my asshole is now completely closed, I’m waiting for the last of the shit to fall before I wipe, since I have a hairy ass and I’ll get it stuck together by small amounts of shit.

9:14 shined a flashlight to the toilet and seen that my poop was somewhat solid until the last part, insinuating that something I ate recently forced the partially solid shit out.

9:15 wiping my ass a couple times, turning on the light, and finishing the wiping.

9:16 still wiping, smelled my shit toilet paper to make sure it wasn’t foul, which would insinuate an issue.

9:17 I have finished wiping. Now flushing the toilet, washing my hands, and making the poop analysis. Also scrubbed some ball hair off the toilet seat.

Poop was mostly greenish, and had a gummy texture. At the end, the poop was small, not solid, and very green. The green was not mucus. While I know this isn’t constipation, the poop wasn’t digested as much as it should’ve been, and I believe the fact it was green meant there was a lot of undigested fat in the shit.
My overall belief for the cause of this shit was a mixture of normal digestion, and rushed shit from a food I’ve recently ate.. either way, the fact my poop was gummy makes me believe that I could have ate more healthy today. The poop took slightly over 11 minutes, which isn’t too long, but not short.

Please reply with your thoughts. Thanks for listening today’s shit blog. Have a good one.
Nice Blog, I liked the Poop Analysis

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