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Free paid VPN service!

I am currently with a VPN company called ExpressVPN. They do a pretty cool referral program which is easy to complete and requires no details whatsoever. The honest reason I am making this is because what ever you get, they give to me as well, but I am not cheating you out of anything as you can get 30 days service completely free, then after that you can refer your friends and get more and more free months. This VPN has been proven to be the best in many ways, on many websites. Just do a quick search. (I am aware of free services, but they always have one downfall such as logging, limited connection periods, security floors etc...)

If you are interested in this at all, send me a PM with your email then I will submit it to their referral system and then they will send you an email explaining everything and giving a activation code. Please try and redirect any sarcastic/hateful comments, as this can earn you a pretty good deal.


Didn't you do something like this a few days ago already?

r u gey?
(05-14-2015, 06:11 PM)moonstarboy69 Wrote:  >free

Didn't you do something like this a few days ago already?

r u gey?


I am meaning the service you are getting is a premium/paid service but you can get it for free. I posted this in the shout-box yesterday offering anybody... Not a thread.

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