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Free money ok
*This takes pure people skills, don't be a dumbass k?*

1. Go here:

2. Find a game that's expensive, remember it.

3. Go to amazon

4. Buy the game NEW on amazon, most are like $4

5. Go to any Walmart, say it was a gift.

6. "Return" for a profit.

The idea is you buy a game for $4, "return" for $30.

Note: Some Walmarts require the game to still be in the wrapper, some the opposite.

Disclaimer: Don't do this. I'm not responsible for any repercussions of you doing this. k

Say to kid u want to buy his expensive item on steam

Make a fake MM account

Get him to trade item to fake account

Den sell his item

Free moni
Ban reason: Was given second chance but continued scamming users, [email protected] (Permanent)
Illegal, yet looks legit. Wink

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