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Free and Open Source Cyber Security Learning
A friend of mine just sent me this link and I want to share because was very important to me.

I really like it because they have certificates of completion.

Are you a fed or something ?
TBH none of this kind of stuff you can learn from any website m8. You will either need alot of trial and error or a good buddy showing the tricks..

1 - You need to hide your self and never show a picture of your self online then you can start this path..

Just my 2 thoughts ls all
Cyber security is a hot topic but the content can be easily found anywhere online
Hey !

I'll list some of my sources when i started being interested in cyber security. can be very essential for understanding cyber security)

For exploiting: (nearly each exploit there has a code for learning purposes)

Can also suggest watching youtube videos on networking, dns attacks, web app flaws and similar, there are good ones
Is this turning into FED private discussion and why am I here ?
AngerPulse, thanks for the links, they look great.

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