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Free Xbox live
how 2 free Xbox live

1. Buy one month Xbox live.

2. Use most of one month Xbox live.

3. Call Xbox and say you've been on vacation and never used the month xbox live.

4. Get a one month voucher.

5. Repeat.

If you suck at SE'ing, don't bother.
If your not getting anywhere with the rep, hang up and try again.
It doesn't work with the Indians, don't try.
Come up with a believable story, I'm not writing a script.
Good luck. I've been doing this for over a year, i don't think they keep records.
Thanks for the tip. I already have a 12 month subscription because Microsoft are Money Whores Kappa
Does this work if I say I've been on vacation for a year? Keepo
(06-12-2015, 05:15 PM)Sem Wrote:  Does this work if I say I've been on vacation for a year? Keepo

Make up some story of why youve been gone. Should work
I used to ring up and say it asks for me to pay for a Gold Subscription when I want to play single player games, its been working for 5 months in a row
> When this Works :3
I tried this with Playstation Plus, worked as well. Same thing. Doesnt work for the indians

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