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Free VPN accounts
Both Accounts are inactive.
(05-08-2015, 03:37 PM)AgentRoxy Wrote:  Both Accounts are inactive.

Both are still active currently though (the site these are from) are having problems with a few of theirs servers. Despite the fact I'm abusing a bug in their system for free accounts, I thought I would send them a support ticket notifying them of the problem(s). No response yet. For now simply try a few different servers and hope for the best. I'll be switching to a new provider (or switching plans with current provider) in a few weeks, most IPs with this provider are now blocked by twitch, YouNow and plug.DJ kappa
Nicely gathered, will probably use one sometime
Might use it, it would come pretty handy for me though. :sealion:
Thanks ill defiantly use these Smile
Ban reason: Encoraging a kids suicide swatting people etcetcetc (Permanent)

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