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Free Raiding Service.

         Free Discord Raiding Service. Just Link The Server You Would Like Me To Raid!
Raid this discord below please

I really need people to help me raid this dude, I was best friends with him once but ever since he started growing as a youtuber he turned into a horrible person. He sent multiple death threats to multiple of my friends, used us to get him a bigger following, then ended up banning us for disagreeing with his death threats. He is super controlling and I cant stand it anymore, I have more dirt on him that anyone else could ever get. If you want to raid other discords with me, and his discord too, my new community's discord link is below, cheers

(This one is me, plz dont raid xD) ------>
can you please raid this server please
this one please

Hi There,

Please raid this server. Make it at least go poof. Thankies! <3

Semi raided-spam please Biggrin

YouTuber's server with 5k members. Nightcore weeb thirsty af teenagers and cringe roleplay fest. Cunt mods.
Raid this server if you can, thanks.
Hi ! can you raid this fucking serv please thank u x) :
in b4 all the butthurt 12 year olds start posting servers they got bulli-



I'm too late
if you could help:

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