[Free] Mapanet.eu Global Postal Code (ZIP) Database
by Data_Baron - November 05, 2019 at 01:54 PM
A global database of postcodes, for all or most countries. Contains 7.4 million postcodes and 160,000 regions.

You can view the data here: http://mapanet.eu/EN/

It's being sold for about $1,800.

Note: some of this data is poor. Some of it's out of date and some postcodes are missing. But it's the best you'll get for free.

Only sharing as the owner of Mapanet is a thief and liar.

Regions (mirrors):




If anyone knows any other good hosts, feel free to mirror it and post the links below.
Appreciate that it's not hidden as well, thanks for the community contribution bro!
Dear Data Baron,

This data actually now gets my vote for one of the best data sets available on Raid Forum.
Just started using it today for the first time to better target my scraping efforts on Google Maps/HERE.com/TomTom.
It pretty much doubles the listings i can quickly scrape.

Awesome stuff.

Thank you very Much for sharing. seesm really intereting to give it a look cheers mate
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