FLAG free no credits Breadcrumbs admin ssh + description tutorial
by paulwatson42016 - February 21, 2021 at 02:18 PM
Can any one explain how to create phpsession id in breadcrumbs htb
Thank you for the tutorial mate, it's really useful!
I do not understand how to find the portal page.
You can find the LFI by tweaking the method parameter and read the error but after that even reading the known php files (index, footer, php/books, bookController) you can find the db.php with mysql creds but that's all.
What did I miss?
Here above many have doubts about foothold and stuff and so had I. So I have prepared a Full detailed writeup with all screenshots and explanation


And thank you all to help me root this box!

And if found helpful pls update my reputation..!

Happy Hacking!!!

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