FLAG Attended writeup
by xicla - April 11, 2021 at 01:41 AM
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That's not really a writeup.
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Is there any root part ? Like justanobody said I don''t wish to use my credit for nothing.
Can anyone tell what's in here?~~~ Please~
this is shitty blog post
(April 11, 2021 at 10:46 AM)John Raid Wrote: this is shitty blog post

That's an insteresting blog post. Please switch of javascript before you visit that post.

He is claiming that his netcat listener - listening on 9999 - is hit by a request from a public IP after sending the vim exploit with swaks to attended.htb.

However, it remains unclear how that public machine got hold of his public(!) IP?

Usually your pentesting VM (kali or parrot) doesn't have a public IP in the first place, but a private IP behind two NAT routers. Your host's NAT router for your VMs and your company's or home's NAT router for your local network.

One possibility could be, that attended.htb spoofs a public IP. Therefore it would be interesting via which interface the packets reach his netcat listener. And why a POST to /run should result in a RCE on your machine. Which webserver/setup does that by default?
thats actually really interestin theme guy<s .. but asking credis for this is too funny xDD
anyone help me to get foothold in this machine. im trying it 4 days . and nothing happen . lot of tie wasted with this machine. now i need a little help from you guys. if anyone intrested help me . .

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