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Free Dominoes
I have been doing this 5 weeks on the run. You basicly just get want you want, pay with paypal and do a charge back straight after, say the product was internaly damaged and put "I did not have enough toppings" or some shit then Dominoes will just not reply to it. Wait a week until the chargeback is automaticly closed and won in your favour and boom you are refunded, repeat process. (Do it on 2 for Tuesdays, get more shit)

Happy Pizzaering...


(Thanks this post, if you are nice)
We need a life hacks sections here lawl

is this still workin?
(05-15-2015, 06:24 PM)ponychan Wrote:  We need a life hacks sections here lawl

is this still workin?

It still works, got my two for Tuesday the other night and got refunded yesterday... Dominoes are fucking stupid, could literally order so much and get it for free
this is fucking great lmao thanks
Thanks for the life hack, space cowboy.
wale cum nig nog
Amazing life hack I'm going to try it Smile Smile Kappa
Lion, you da real mvp!
Seen this on leakforums,I've tried it and it does work. +1

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