Found a pervert director
by exploit2077 - September 23, 2021 at 05:05 PM
I hacked a computer in Thailand, there is a pervert guy.
He is a pedophilia(in Eric.7z\D\Angle\p\), he drew blood from young girlsĀ  Angry Angry Angry (in Eric.7z\D\mail\Sample.pdf)
I think he is a government officer in some Institutes, so disgusting!
Just see it, or you'll regret
This is what I got from his computer.

This is a picture of that perv
[Image: rgNGUER.png]

While he was working, he was browsing pornhub.
[Image: fq0DDdR.png]
[Image: bNJ9pCC.png]

Hey guys, just see it, there are so many pictures in his computer. He imagined some actresses with psychosexuality, even defiled Buddha statue, so gross!! The zip file in the link can prove it.

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