Fortnite RATting
by legofootballmania - April 27, 2021 at 07:11 PM
Step One: Find a chatroom/server on whatever preferred while trying this.

Step Two: Find your victim, make sure their gullible or play the long con and warm up to them.

Step Three: DM them something along the lines of:
PM, me if interested in a deal. Test my fortnite multi-cheat ____.
(Don't plagiarize mine, that was an example.)

Step Four: If they respond with "i'm good", go back to Step Two.
If they respond with "sure let me try it out" say something along the lines of,
"FYI, this is a testing phase of a paid program, you will not get it when it comes out, if you test it though we may give you a coupon"

Step Five: Make it believable, I have made a script for mine, you can base it off of mine if you want.
You can also just wing it and go with the flow of lies Smile

What the cheat will include the following when released.
Aimbot - Legit, Rage, and Silent.
ESP - Customisable Colors, Chams, Limbs/Bone Toggle, Boxes, and Tracers.
Stealthy - Unlimited Ammo, Loot Finder, Emote Unlocker, and Skin Unlocker.
Obvious - Speedhacks, Jumpboost, Chest Spawner, No Clip, and No Reload.
Unique - RADAR
What is RADAR?
Radar is the main reason why we are developing this.
Which when you open the map it shows markers on all of the opponents.
You and your team-mates will be not shown.
It will not enable until' there are 30 remaining

Step Six: Give them a link to the RAT Smile
That's a lot of effort just to rat a few 13 year olds and steal their fortnut accounts.
I could agree, i'm just bored.

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