FinnSteele applies for mod kek
Time spent on raidforums (check by going to your profile): Like 2 Legit days but lurks so 1 week

Past moderating experience: Filing illegitimate copyright strikes against people, Disney Infinity moderator, various minecraft servers, Brony-Con, Furry-Con

Why do you want to become a moderator for raidforums: I would like to be moderator because I have a personal vendetta against @jr3tzios彡 and I want to ban him because he uploaded public videos about me.

Do you have skype?: Yes, PM me for it.

Do you have a mic?: Yes, but when I filmed my Disney Infinity Unboxing I used my phone.

Age: Older than 9 (jk im like 12 XD)

Timezone: East Coast
+Support already a better mod than Muqi
[color] green [/color]

its secksy man i think @[VIP] FinnSteele would make good mod
color] green = +support[/color]

gr8 mod, we need a brony
@[VIP] FinnSteele = @[VIP] FinnSteele soon
you're a faggit
(10-12-2015, 10:44 PM)Slayer Wrote:  -support-
you're a faggit


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