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Final Warning To RF NewFags and NaziMods!!!
so if ur oldfag ur probably  wondering wtf is happening,well oldfags are going to die,all of us will,as Rftechponys are making new accounts we r dying of cancer and the nazi mods are taking 0ver ,and the surviors are gettind are kept in twitch tv concerncration camps if ur a survior  trust dont any one...and i reccomend we do nothing 2 m8 cuz Rftechponys will get u aids cumfemd by IGN -"yes" 9/11  we must fight on as we are teh remaining few...Rftechponys are creating shitty memes,as things get worse i have masturbated to weaboo porn,but...
Not All Hope Is Lost...

Excecpt us m8...
[Image: 1TdHBU6.png]
kan i join team shitpost
lel NewFag hahahahahhahahahhahaha
NewFag NewFag NewFag NewFag NewFag
whats autism like?
this thread is sage mate, just pure sage.
learn how to space after commas

Inducted for: Biggest Rftechpony on raidforums
...Sigh, gg fagpony
wtf is this shit im high as fuck
This guy, I swear.. x]
NewFag Techpony get so much hate.

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