Filmai.IN Database - Leaked, Download!
by Slaap - February 19, 2021 at 04:06 PM
Hello RaidForums Community,
Today I have uploaded the Filmai.IN Database for you to download for free, thanks for reading and enjoy!

For the moment the exact breach date is unknown but it is estimated to have been during 2019-2020. The website is a popular illegal movie streaming platform used in Lithuania and similar countries. The linked database download contains 643,828 unique emails of this website's customers along with their passwords and usernames.

Compromised data: Email Addresses, Usernames, Passwords

This download consists of 1 .CSV file, file syntax is listed below and keep in mind the passwords are stored in plaintext. The .7z File's MD5 Hash is F9BAFE69FF20B2836784407861C46AB1. Total record count of around 643828.

[FILMAI.IN.csv] Email Provider Stats:

[]              522,511      (81.2%)
[]              28,289       (4.4%)
[]               14,013       (2.2%)
[]                12,641       (2.0%)
[]                 10,377       (1.6%)
[]            6,374        (1.0%)
[]            3,537        (0.5%)
[]           3,496        (0.5%)
[]               1,737        (0.3%)
[]             1,543        (0.2%)
[Other]                  39,310       (6.1%)

TOTAL: 643,828
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Wheres the downloading link?
Most accounts will be at least 5 years old from the looks of it. Some email services from pic shut down. Besides was banned in Lithuania so even less active traffic there past few years.
i like kid waiting for the link update
link updated.
were passwords not encrypted at all? lol
this is old database :/ even mine password is old and there in file is older one Smile
security is top as always
a bit more than 65k, lol.
Thanks you for sharing......
Looks like full users database. Way more than 65k
645974 to be precise, awesome

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