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File Permission of the Sh Files
by samueltarcin9999 - May 21, 2019 at 08:25 AM
I have directory where a lot of bash script or sh file exist. I want to change their permission to the 770 with the chmod command. How can i accomplish that? Thanks.
Best way is using find command with the -exec option where you can use chmod.
$ find /my/bashfiles/ -type d -name *.c -exec chmod 770 {} \;
read below: https://www.poftut.com/set-permission-fo...ers-linux/
you should be using -type f if you're trying to execute chmod on the actual c files.
chmod 770 /directory/path/*.sh
find . -type f -name '*.sh' -exec chmod 770 {} \;
find type command will show you the files then you -exec chmod 770

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