Feds inc?
by RogerRaccoon - January 31, 2016 at 01:03 PM
So after the McDonald's prank calls, they're apparently investigating as to who made the calls. This might be shit because faggots may try to snitch on RF with the link that's provided here. 

Hopefully this all blows over, but if RF gets exposed to the likes of: The Feds, Keemstar, etc. We might see an influx of Rftechponys that try to ruin the site. 

Be Vigilant 
Nothing will happen we've had shit like that before, nothing happened
>Nothing will happen
He's not saying it will, he's saying it's more likely now that we've drawn attention and given snitches or any bored Rftechpony an opportunity. Keeping an eye out isn't that bad an idea. That means lay low with the illegal stuff for a while before you get swatted legally.

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