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Favourite Anime Character?
What's your favourite anime character? Could be current or all-time.

Right now my favourite anime character is a villain named Mard Geer from Fairy Tail. The Absolute Demon and a completely handsome character. Heart

[Image: tumblr_n76hs5UV6t1rmy8p9o1_500.png]
[Image: DuWYxRP.jpg]

Adachi from Persona 4.
[Image: kagetane_hiruko_by_cute_heart-d7yk2yq.jpg]
the style he kills with
[Image: trinity-seven-01.jpg]

Arata from Trinity Seven.
Badass. Pervert. Hilarious.
Definitely not the anime character in my profile picture and signature Kappa

Akame is bae
Gotta go with the GUTS-man.
[Image: guts.jpg]
I watch bleach, and my favorite is Ichigo! Smile
[Image: 9aZwfmP.jpg]
[Image: zombies-long_00383468.jpg]

[Image: Agp3U.jpg]

Sankarea Undying Love
Cory Baxter is my favorite animu character

[Image: 1hlkvo23.jpeg]

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