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Favorite game?
Wanna discover more fun games to play :D
Your mom's puss. 7/10 IGN
Just Fortnite atm. good game
Started Monster Hunter: World at release and gotta say it's by far my favorite game in a long time.
Love Call of Duty World War 2, GTA 5 is probably my favorite game though.
I don't play video games very often, the only game I play is the new cod.
I only play Skyrim and Fortnite lately. I suck at both games.
league of legens and mobile legends because its to lit
I like playing poker
As of right now, I'm mainly playing fortnite. Solid game.
Probably GTA, played some Roblox and stuf, good things out there.
Try Killing Floor 1, old but fun. I'm also running a server.

[Image: Killing-Floor-Die-Trying.jpg]

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