Favorite Podcasters
It's interesting to see who people like to listen to, and especially with correlating age. i.e. noticed a lot of Baby Boomer/older people like Alex Jones (I don't know how people can take him seriously. But if you do like to listen to him, how old are you?)

My favorite podcast, to be completely honest is H3Podast. I'm in my mid 20's, and they're just up my alley in interests. 

What's your guys favorite podcasts to listen to?
I used to like cu podcast a lot but there is a small startup one that i found out about called creatively "Live overflows security podcast"
Alan Watt at cuttingthroughthematrix
Joe Rogan Experience
No Jumper
Super Curios
Joe Rogan, Alex Jones Show, Lowder with Crowder
tim ferriss

joe rogan

gary vee
My votes for "Joe Rogan" too
I listen to mainly wrestling podcasts.
Something to Wrestle with Bruce Pritchard
The Lapsed Fan
What Happened When
The Jim Cornette Experience

Imo, those are the best podcasts out there.  Very nostalgic and emtertaining. If u havent heard them give em a listen. They're from the mlw radio network (mlwradio) and can be found on spotify, google music, YouTube, iTunes, pretty much any podcasting site, and mlwradio.com
hoovies garage on youtube
Joe Rogan & Sam Harris, love those guys!

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