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Favorite OS
win 10 creative update or higher Wink
Windows XP probably my favorite OS of all time and maybe still.
my favorite OS is debian and arhc linux very beautiful and fun !
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I am partial to Linux, usually Debian. It is a bitch to set up though...
Pro Linux since 16 years.
I love windows 8. The only thing I don't like about it is the non desktop menu. Besides that its perfect
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Linux op. mac is shit
Ban reason: Multiaccounting and spamming for credits. [email protected] (Permanent)
Kali linux is best. I also like Ubuntu 16.
Debian/Devuan or Arch Linux. Rarely Windows (in VM)
My favorite OS is TempleOS
red star os very robust
Mac is cancer
Windows is eh for programming in an IDE
linux is just bae cause yk open source :D

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