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Favorite OS
Windows 10 with all the spy crap turned off obviously. I also use Kali Linux.
I'm pretty keen on Arch, although it's a bitch to set up. Its repo is massive so you can get everything you would get out of Kali anyway - not to mention you can create packages yourself if they aren't there, plus the documentation on the wiki is really good. I also like how it's well suited to minimalist builds, which keeps boot times down and speeds up. It's both versatile and optimisable to extreme extents which is a great combination. Only real issue is the rolling release which can make it unstable at times, but that can be mitigated with a good recovery system like rsnapshot.

I'm considering OpenBSD though for something more secure, since systemd is such an enormous attack vector, so will probably end up running each.
Windows 7 seems to be the smoothest Windows OS. For Linux, I enjoy SuperOS.
Mac OS X, shun me all you like but there are valid reasons.
Windows 7 is my choice Smile
MAC OSX is perfect for people with OCD (like myself) and Linux is perfect for everyone else!
Kali Linux for the win Smile
i would have to say templeOS because terry lit af
(04-25-2017, 12:17 PM)Zaseth Wrote:  Windows 10 with all the spy crap turned off obviously. I also use Kali Linux.

finally the truth has been told!! :D
100% agree with you
Arch linux is my main. Win7 for games.
parrot with awesome tools , delicious

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