Favirote music player for Android?
by streetspeed10 - February 06, 2020 at 07:19 PM
Spotify 11/10 never really bothered with music players tho, Snaptube has a good one tho
I just use the regular system app.
Spotify is pretty much !
I have a portable record player Rock Block that I found on TreeThugger. This device can simply record over recording, has a built-in speaker that supports Bluetooth. You can leave it in a conspicuous place and it will spin and play your album for you, it is compatible with Bluetooth, which really caught my attention, but it also has a built-in speaker, so I just want to show you what this thing is doing well First of all, it comes with a neat little quick start guide. Cool player, I like to listen to songs on the headphones, but when this player sounds, I don't need headphones.
Vlc for local music , no ads no tracking lol. So much free apps have huge analytics that are scraping everything and anything about you to sell to big corps.
I use musicolet, it's light and pretty cool.
For me I like Pi Music Player. It is simple and organised.
I don't like listening same song again and again so soundcloud is best. It also has a feature that once you listened the song its downloaded. This feature was way more before spotify existed
VLC for videos and Soundcloud for my music, spotify pisses me off a lot
VLC, but I hate the interface.

I hate the interface on windows and android, but there is nothing better or more stable or capable
Samsung Player works for me.
I use soundcloud since it has no ads

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