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Fairwell Raidforums
You have been here forever, the community will miss you. F
(10-04-2015, 03:19 AM)--Camzee-- Wrote:  After being apart of Raid Forums for a long enough time, i am pulling the plug. My 2 days of service really helped Raid Forums move on & I was clearly a huge part of raidforums and did more work then predator. Everyone who is reading this has a small tear rolling down their cheek as this point. Also may asdfasd and his sister Rest in Piece and i like to thank for predator for his nice PM's, Heart u pred. Farewell everyone, it was a pleasure and i hope everyone & Raid Forums good luck.  Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

Excellent bait my brethren I rate it as being an astounding eight out of eight possible points
"rest in pieces Rftechpony  u will be missed"  - hitler
Rip inactive person. f.
I'm going to miss your penis
F to pay respects
No one will miss you.

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