FRESH LEAK: Acer Taiwan Server Breached By Desorden
by desorden - October 16, 2021 at 09:18 AM

Following our attack on Acer India servers:

To prove our point that Acer is a global network of vulnerable servers. We have hacked and breached Acer Taiwan server, storing data on its employee and product information. We did not steal all data, and only took data pertaining to their employee details. Right after the breach, we informed Acer management on the Taiwan server breach and Acer has since taken the affected server offline. Also,  a few other of its global networks including Malaysia and Indonesia servers are vulnerable too.

Image of login site before taken offline:
Image of the user login file:

Update: Making the download link public
Here are the data we took from Acer Taiwan server pertaining to their employee login information:
Can confirm csv files don’t believe what this guy writes everything ok
(October 16, 2021 at 09:43 AM)Livhu Wrote: Can confirm csv files don’t believe what this guy writes everything ok

what do you mean? do not believe which guy write?
We think you meant what user Ringer said. He has already removed what he said and gave us reputation points. It was a oversight on his end. It is okay
Do you have a website where you're dumping this all? Also I might have PM'd the same

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