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by SOLENYA - 04-17-2018, 11:26 AM
Hey guys lets get to work , today's 9th DB of upcoming 10

Posting Turkish database 

Dump date 08.03.2018

This is how it looks like 

Download link - https://ufile.io/4s3xg

Introducing my NEW product and its advantages after a long time:
  • The first part of new upcoming databases, a bundle of 1800 fresh and new private databases

  • Databases are compressed and DEHASHED (they come with original hashed version) put separately in WinRar folders, many of them have additional information included like topic, etc, which makes working with them more organized and comfortable 

  • The collection comes with huge bonus bundle of anti-publics of different regions/countries and services (Yahoo, China, UK, USA, etc.)

  • A lot of business, finance, gaming and other "in-high-demand" databases

  • An affordable and competitive price - 99$, which will let you have a pretty good profit margin and will pay back very easily

  • NOTE: This bundle is completely different from my previous bundles I was selling, meaning that their contents don't match at all
Details & other products: https://bitify.com/user/user4547/

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