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So, I can do anything aslong as you +rep me I can do a wide variety of styles

Here is some of my work

[Image: rWV3iHu.png]

[Image: MfIBfIc.png]

[Image: unHJ4DU.png]

[Image: ucNPArS.gif]

[Image: YY4Sy1Q.png]

[Image: GzGi7u9.png]

Oh and I can also photoshop people too

[Image: SVHZzDy.png]

Just post here or Message me and I'll get it made!
here ill just giv u rep
(09-05-2015, 06:45 PM)Door Wrote:  here ill just giv u rep

Wait what? PM me and i'll make what you want Smile
Make me a nice looking stream overlay Kappa.
I want a lot of light blue Smile
For: Channel4NewsRaids profile picture and background/banner
This can include the following images (as an idea of what to include):
[b]Following link provides our team thread and within is our youtube channel in the links on the thread.

fuck you faggot you have the most +Rep on rf

but your gfx are firee
(11-22-2015, 12:25 AM)Vanissery Wrote:  fuck you faggot you have the most +Rep on rf

but your gfx are firee

Yep, That is because one person -repped me and they were god and god can  -rep 100 people randomly. Fucking fix that

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