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Exposed 61 Youtubers for distributing malware.
Alright, so I've been doing malware analysis on obvious Youtube scams that are related to downloading "hacks" and/or "tools" and using the data to expose IP addresses, decompiled code, and sometimes even email:pass for servers. Finally exposed in total 61. Feels good man.
Good job. How easy were the channels taken down?
Is this sometimes referred to as "whaling"? I remember doing this once back in the day on VM. Took me quite a while to find 1 scammers email and password, good times though.

Good work man!
[email protected] Another white hat in the making Smile Youtubers with lots of views, and shady vague comments are always a match
great job, 61... that's a lot !
Nice bro, it is good that people actually care.
this is a good achievement. Congratulations
Ban reason: Breaking Rule 15; Redistributing Hidden Content. (Permanent)
You should report them to YT so that they get taken down, if you haven't already. Keep up the good work!
Youtubers arent people to trust. They could turn around and stab ya.

Youtubers,,,, ahhh i hate em
Nice work. What did you end up doing with the information?
Nice one bro keep it up. I hate scum on youtube
whats the point in messing with random kids malware ops.

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