Everything you ever Googled, fuck!
by Ravioli - September 15, 2017 at 01:17 PM
So you thought your shit was safe...check this out.

what if I don't login to google before any activity happen, will google still be able to track my shit anyway?
me: delete all activity =_=
Well good for that heads up lol.
Did you all really discover that just now? Wow. Google announced the ability to see your search history 10 years ago.
I don't care
using duckduckgo
old thing. but thank you for reminding me.
It's very useful if you want to check someone's search history. Some kind of replacement keylogger....
BIND IS BLOWN I can't believe all my porn is logged! hah
Google logs literally everything, they know A LOT about everyone.
fuck me there was alot of shit on that. had to delete ALOT lmfao
Wow, that's pretty scary.

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