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EverybodyEdits (New target site)
Kek, well I used to have this account on back in 2011, it's pretty much a place for kids (I was 10/11 then) to hang about and do minigames and shit. You can make your own world in 2D, which is restricted on normal accounts because the worlds are tiny for them. Luckily for me I still have this account and I have access to huge worlds, these could be used for all types of stuff like Draw My Thing or dicks on it idk.

The bad thing about this site is that there is HEAVY filtering in swearing.
You can't even say 'chink'.

The way to get around this in some ways is to use the '|' symbol instead of 'I' or 'L'.

My account name is (oh fuck no): xxcyberxx

Happy raiding.

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