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Emotional thread
Yep that's what it is.

-In the first place this goes out to the RF girls.
-Second place, Hawk and the staff (no homo)
-Third: all friends and fam
-Fourth: you, yes you!

Dance with me!

I love you too. Heart
Love you ravioli Heart3
Heart u bby now rimjob me nigger
>be me
>in my house
>no friends
>feels bad man.razerconfig
>drinking some coke because alcohol is bad 4 u
>no drugs because if you smoke the herb u go 2 jail
>raviloli comes into my window
>"lets party"
>A tear rolls down my eye
>Ravioli turns the beatbox up
>raviloli whips off his party suit
>hes wearing a skin tight pair of underpants and a bow
>we teleport to japan
>[Image: 6vdvz2q42h3wuj4t0uhkdl71o.360x288x8.gif]
Heart  Heart  Heart  Heart  Heart  
Ohhhh, you fam are so nice.
Join me on the dancefloor pls!
Heart  Heart  Heart  Heart  Heart  

Give Me The Formuoli Already
(09-09-2015, 01:21 AM)Jackz Wrote:  Give Me The Formuoli Already

I'm sorry, i can't. :( I need the formuoli to trade with staff to get unbanned if i get banned again.

If you visit me, i can cook you some ravi's with special sauce
I got my dick stuck in a pringles can one time,
never again.
@D4N彡 whut?

I'm getting emotional again...some hours ago i had a small conversation with @Sem about RF history. Old fags will remember, new fags will...well...prob...not...

Heart  Heart  Heart But  I love you all Heart  Heart  Heart

Heart  Heart JOIN ME ON THE DANCE FLOOR!!!  Heart  Heart

ps: i like old school music
[Image: tumblr_mf73trxRvM1r7k9lao7_500.gif]

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